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Vitainstaller - first working playstation vita isoloader. With vitainstaller you can install any game on you vita console for free. You can download games on our NEW page : http://revitalizedteam.net84.net/ (WE HAVE MOVED FROM .BLOGSPOT.COM) Step by step guide:1.Download VitaInstaller (links below).2.Download your favourite games (you can find them on our page).3.Create „VitaGames" folder on disk C:\4.Unzip your games to that folder.5.Connect your PC to the console via USB cable.6.Turn on console and run VitaInstaller.exe7.Now press connect.8.If everything is ok you should see new window. If nothing happened -- make sure you have the latest .NET framework installed.9.On the list you should see .iso files from VitaGames folder.10.Choose your game and press install.11.DO NOT DISCONNECT YOUR CONSOLE DURING THAT PROCESS.12."Installing..." message should appear on your console screen now.13.Wait few minutes...14.Game should be now installed so you can disconnect your console and run game.15.ENJOY! Like and favourite our channel and videos On our page you can find games like:WipeOut 2048Gravity RushModnation RacersMetal Gear Solid HD CollectionResistance: Burning SkiesMortal KombatUncharted: Golden AbyssFifa FootballUnit 13Visit http://revitalizedteam.net84.net and get your favourite playstation vita games for free !

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