Clumsy Ninja Demo on iPod Touch 5G Fifth Generation - Apple Sept 12 Event Clumsy Ninja прохождение

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http://www.naturalmotiongames.com/press/clumsy-ninja-debut/NaturalMotion Debuts Revolutionary, Interactive Character-Based App 'Clumsy Ninja'Clumsy Ninja Optimized for the new iPod touch and Features NaturalMotion's Breakthrough Euphoria EngineSeptember 12, 2012 —Today, NaturalMotion gave the first live demo of Clumsy Ninja, a revolutionary interactive character-based app, based on the company's breakthrough Euphoria Engine. Made possible by new iPod touch incredible 4 Retina display and enhanced graphics and processing power, Clumsy Ninja showcases the first artificial intelligence (AI) character based on real-time simulated body and central nervous system, rather than canned animations. This level of innovation has never been attempted on mobile and will forever change the game with regards to what an app can be."Clumsy Ninja is based on many years of research at NaturalMotion and Oxford University. It's using technology that not long ago would have required a supercomputer -- now running in the palm of your hand, on the new iPod touch. We think that's truly remarkable. We can't wait to get Clumsy Ninja in the hands of iOS users around the world."Clumsy Ninja is a ninja -- but not a very good one. Your task is to help him learn ninja skills, by playing with him and doing exercises such as kicking a punch bag or jumping on the ninja trampoline.Due to its real-time simulation and advanced artificial intelligence, Clumsy Ninja will act differently every time -- and is able to learn over time. The combination of a truly interactive character and intuitive touch screen input creates an experience like no other -- a character that feels alive and is self aware.

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